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We hope you enjoy Joshua's Free Polymer Clay Craft Projects!


This page was created to share some of Joshua's own designs with you and to encourage more family fun and creativity.
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Before starting the projects, please print out the Basic Instructions.
Click on each
project name below for complete instructions.
Click on image to enlarge.


snowbabies-seashell-web.gif (67101 bytes)

"Free Design"

Snow Babies  Cute little snowmen at play on beach in their own sea shells

Paisley the lady bug clay project

"Free Design"

Paisley the Ladybug   A colorful plant stake to adorn your favorite potted plant.

Jake the Clown clay project.  Click on image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Jake the Clown    A great way to use old Christmas ornament balls to create a cheerful, colorful sculpture that will capture the heart of any clown collector.

Lil' Stinker clay project.  Click on image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Lil' Stinker   Adorable little skunk designed especially for the S.K.U.N.K.S. Society.

Pete R. Rabbit clay project.  Click image to enlarge

"Free Design"

Pete R. Rabbit    Adorable cottontail rabbit dressed in overalls. Makes a great gift for the country kitchen or an Easter Basket.

Little Christmas Lamb clay project. Click on image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Little Christmas Lamb  Fleecy, rosy cheeked Cory was designed by Joshua to hang on our Christmas trees to remind us of the humble birth of Jesus in a stable, long, long ago.

Zack the Dragon clay project.  Click on the image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Zack the Dragon    Zondar's little cousin, Zack will delight every dragon collector with his innocent smile and bright colors. One day he will grow up to be a fire breathing dragon like Zondar.

Prayer Warrior clay project.  Click on image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Prayer Warrior Ornament   Hannah's polymer clay head is sculpted to sit on top of a silk carnation or sunflower to give to your favorite prayer warrior, or to encourage someone in need of prayer.

Santa Ornament clay project. Click on image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Santa Ornament   A delightful liitle ornament that will brighten any tree. Make a dozen to give away as gifts.

Apple Delight clay project. Click on image to enlarge

"Free Design"

Apple Delight    This little apple makes a wonderful gift to sit on your favorite teacher's desk or in the country kitchen to top a jar of jam or adorn your favorite basket.

Champ the Cat clay project. Click on image to enlarge

"Free Design"

Champ the Cat    Champ is a winner that adds charm to any flower pot. You won't be able to resist tickling his little pink nose. Follow Joshua's simple instructions to his "Great Balls of Clay" collection.

Hampton the Cow clay project.  Click image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Hampton the Cow   Another charming fellow from Joshua's "Great Balls of Clay" collection. A great gift for the cow collector.

Norman the Snowman clay project.  Click image to enlarge.

"Free Design"

Norman the Snowman    No "Great Balls of Clay" collection could be complete without a "snowball." Norman will charm the snowman collector with his top hat, mittens and snow boots.

The joy of a job well done!

"Free Design"

Jon's Refrigerator Magnets  A great way to use those old postage stamps and create colorful refrigerator magnets.

black_cat_pinxz.jpg (33687 bytes)

"Free Design"

Black cat  A cute, dangle leg pin to wear in the Fall Season. For the cat-lovers, you can make him holding a gray mouse, and wear him all year round.

frogproject2z.jpg (37429 bytes)

"Free Design"

Tree Frog   A colorful fellow to adorn your light switch covers.

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Updated July 07, 2006

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