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We hope you enjoy Joshua's Free Polymer Clay Craft Projects!


Norman the Snowman "Norman the Snowman"

Supplies Needed:
Polymer Clay: White, Black, Green,Yellow, Orange & Red
1 Round Toothpick
2 Black Seed Beads for Eyes

Click on above image to enlarge.

Step #1: Roll a 1 1/2" ball of White for the BODY. Make two 1/4" holes with toothpick or paintbrush handle for the ARMS and LEGS. Press in two seed beads for the EYES.

Step #2: Roll a 3/8" ball of Orange for the NOSE and shape into a pointed triangle. Press on to the Head and use toothpick to make lines on the carrot NOSE.

Step #3: Roll two 1/2" balls of Green for the MITTENS. Flatten into 1/4" thick circles. Cut a line into circle for the thumb with a craft knife and round the edges with your fingers. Make a hole in the ends of the MITTENS with a toothpick for the yarn.

Step #4: Roll two balls of Black for the BOOTS. Shape as shown (or just make simple round shoes) Use a toothpick to make wrinkle lines and a 1/4" hole for the yarn LEGS.

Baking Instructions:
Bake in a regular or toaster oven.
DO NOT use a Microwave Oven!!!!















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Step #5: Roll a 1/2" ball of Black for the HAT and flatten into a circle. Press on top of Head for a hat brim. Roll another 1/2" ball of Black and press onto hat brim. Use the side of your finger to indent the top. Roll a narrow rope of Green and wrap around the HAT for a hatband. Roll two 1/4" balls of Green for leaves. Flatten and shape into tear drop shapes. Press onto hat. Use toothpick to make lines on leaves. Make the flower the same as the leaves, using five 1/4" balls of Red. Press flower on top of leaves. Press on tiny balls of Yellow into center of flower.

Step #6: Bake snowman, mittens and boots at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool in oven.

Step #7: Cut two 1 1/2" lengths of yarn for ARMS. Glue into the mitten and into the Body. Cut two 2" lengths of yarn for the LEGS. Glue one end into the boot and one end into the Body.

If you want to make him into a Christmas ornament, put a wire hook in the top of his hat before baking.


If you had fun making Joshua's free projects, you will enjoy Joshua’s Book.
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with Noah is a beautiful, full color instructional book, written and published when Joshua was 12 years old. These are a limited edition- so when they are sold out, there will not be a second printing. Those of you who have watched Joshua grow from a 10 year old crafter into a 16 year old professional artist, won't want to miss out on his first book!

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Updated July 07, 2006 

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